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The Warrior and The Seductress Embodied

In this dance and movement workshop, that I lovingly call The Warrior and The Seductress we will explore our relationship to these archetypes to see how a balance of both is necessary in our day to day lives.

The Warrior archetype and the Seductress archetype have been my movement inspirations for five years now. I associate the masculine and feminine energies in the psyche with these archetypes. They have inspired my dance and choreography.

The Warrior embodied teaches lessons in Direction, Power, Sense of Self, Pride, Determination, Goals, Action.

The Feminine (in Jungian Psychology) is associated with creativity and intuitive nature. The Sentient Being is feminine. They are feeling-full, sensual, patient and trusting.

The Seductress Archetype embodies the feminine and is powerful in their own right. When I sit in silence and stillness, this creative desire begins to arise. The Seductress is Self assured, takes her time and embodies Self Love and acceptance. She is a sensual being who moves intuitively.

My movement research for the past 17 years and studies in dance/movement therapy has allows me to understand that these energies are opposites and equally important parts in the psychology of a person.

Through movement and dance, we may directly explore what our relationship to these energies are and how we live out (or do not) their characteristics.

I look forward to meeting and dancing with you all

Please wear loose pants to move in!

Cost 30$(This a safe space for women. No dance experience is required.)

Much Love

Anjoli Chadha - Registered Dance/Movement Therapist.

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