Celebrating all shades!!


Congratulations Melanin Essentials, as they have officially launched their completely natural products, hosting an amazing launch party! Melanin, represent! We as Fruition Collective were invited to the Ware Center to the launch party, introducing Melanin Essentials. Melanin Essentials introduced a product line which provides a chemical-free, personal product for ladies of color. This is built upon a successful nature behind their own kind. Melanin women has grown to have a least amount of allowance towards products that are 100% natural that helps nourish their skin and hair. This product is to combat with the inequality of what people may assume works for everybody. By providing this companionable product, this guides women of color to a healthier life. As we were invited, we may say so ourselves that we are delighted to walk together as a team of diversity. Joining together; Leight Grant, Rose Luciano and I, Vasthi Laguerre comes to show, different ethnicities could come together and speak for women of color to strengthen our voices, becoming one. Even as our feet pain with agony due to our heels, we are very much lucky to be invited to such a successful event. Saba Williams and Olayinka Credile, as best friends united together to create a wonderful masterpiece and to them, we give thanks for having us showcase our beauty. Celebrating All Shades! Why not celebrate with us? By visiting melaninessentials.com for information.

~Vasthi Esbelle Laguerre