Big Opportunities for the Arts

How thankful are we talking?! Today along the bright side of Lancaster Pennsylvania, we were
invited to join the Governor's Awards for Arts at Lancaster Chamber! We've witnessed many big
opportunities among us that we've cherished for a long while. People like Barry Kornhauser, founder of M-Uth Theater, Rose Luciano founder of Fruition Collective, Phillip Horn Executive Director of PA Counsel of the Arts, Heidi Leitzke Lancaster City Public Arts Director, Bob Shumaker City Alliance and many more! We meet up at such big stakes!
We'd say for ourselves that the experience was phenomenal! Gaining access to allow ourselves to meet other people that kindly shook our hands and took in each other's information with smiles that could brighten the world that surrounds us. Until we meet again, Lancaster Chamber.
- Vasthi Esbelle Laguerre