Step right up, step right up to Murder Mysteries collaborative fun!

the crew murder.jpg

Step right up, step right up! As Fruition Collective, Escape on Queen, The Circus School of Lancaster, Reunion Food Truck, The Spice and Tea Exchange and Good Spirits has teamed up to make an event WhoDunIt ‘’Under The Big Top!’’ at Fruition Collective which is never to be forgotten!

Thanks to The Circus School of Lancaster, we were amazed by their acrobatic nature of balancing, Ring-Mastering, and Illusions! How fun is that? Such a new access to those who have never experienced a Circus, at a Fun Fair. Let’s not forget the amazing food that the Reunion Food Truck provided with homemade Macaroni, Chicken, and many other fantastic munchies!

Along with The Spice and Tea Exchange and Good Spirits who provided us tasty beverages, and lastly the Escape Room on Queen! An adventure behind having a limited time to be able to find your key and escape the treacherous fun with the ultimate interactive place which is affiliated with Hershey Biergarten.

In appreciation of JD81 Productions for his amazing photographic skills at the event, Murder Mystery. For future references, in hopes for this successful event, we place crept fear on those who may be the - psst! - Murderer. You could find him on Facebook at

Spooked yet?

Thanks again for joining us!

If you’ve missed this one, don’t worry about it! Stay tuned for next Murder Mystery event coming your way in the near future.

- Vasthi ‘Brooklyn Blogger’ Laguerre