Step right up, step right up to Murder Mysteries collaborative fun!

the crew murder.jpg

Step right up, step right up! As Fruition Collective, Escape on Queen, The Circus School of Lancaster, Reunion Food Truck, The Spice and Tea Exchange and Good Spirits has teamed up to make an event WhoDunIt ‘’Under The Big Top!’’ at Fruition Collective which is never to be forgotten!

Thanks to The Circus School of Lancaster, we were amazed by their acrobatic nature of balancing, Ring-Mastering, and Illusions! How fun is that? Such a new access to those who have never experienced a Circus, at a Fun Fair. Let’s not forget the amazing food that the Reunion Food Truck provided with homemade Macaroni, Chicken, and many other fantastic munchies!

Along with The Spice and Tea Exchange and Good Spirits who provided us tasty beverages, and lastly the Escape Room on Queen! An adventure behind having a limited time to be able to find your key and escape the treacherous fun with the ultimate interactive place which is affiliated with Hershey Biergarten.

In appreciation of JD81 Productions for his amazing photographic skills at the event, Murder Mystery. For future references, in hopes for this successful event, we place crept fear on those who may be the - psst! - Murderer. You could find him on Facebook at

Spooked yet?

Thanks again for joining us!

If you’ve missed this one, don’t worry about it! Stay tuned for next Murder Mystery event coming your way in the near future.

- Vasthi ‘Brooklyn Blogger’ Laguerre

Celebrating all shades!!


Congratulations Melanin Essentials, as they have officially launched their completely natural products, hosting an amazing launch party! Melanin, represent! We as Fruition Collective were invited to the Ware Center to the launch party, introducing Melanin Essentials. Melanin Essentials introduced a product line which provides a chemical-free, personal product for ladies of color. This is built upon a successful nature behind their own kind. Melanin women has grown to have a least amount of allowance towards products that are 100% natural that helps nourish their skin and hair. This product is to combat with the inequality of what people may assume works for everybody. By providing this companionable product, this guides women of color to a healthier life. As we were invited, we may say so ourselves that we are delighted to walk together as a team of diversity. Joining together; Leight Grant, Rose Luciano and I, Vasthi Laguerre comes to show, different ethnicities could come together and speak for women of color to strengthen our voices, becoming one. Even as our feet pain with agony due to our heels, we are very much lucky to be invited to such a successful event. Saba Williams and Olayinka Credile, as best friends united together to create a wonderful masterpiece and to them, we give thanks for having us showcase our beauty. Celebrating All Shades! Why not celebrate with us? By visiting for information.

~Vasthi Esbelle Laguerre

Big Opportunities for the Arts

How thankful are we talking?! Today along the bright side of Lancaster Pennsylvania, we were
invited to join the Governor's Awards for Arts at Lancaster Chamber! We've witnessed many big
opportunities among us that we've cherished for a long while. People like Barry Kornhauser, founder of M-Uth Theater, Rose Luciano founder of Fruition Collective, Phillip Horn Executive Director of PA Counsel of the Arts, Heidi Leitzke Lancaster City Public Arts Director, Bob Shumaker City Alliance and many more! We meet up at such big stakes!
We'd say for ourselves that the experience was phenomenal! Gaining access to allow ourselves to meet other people that kindly shook our hands and took in each other's information with smiles that could brighten the world that surrounds us. Until we meet again, Lancaster Chamber.
- Vasthi Esbelle Laguerre

Fruition Collective - Fine Living

As we grow, Fruition Collective is taken by observation from magazine line, “Fine Living” by Brianna West in Lancaster Pennsylvania. We are honored to be on the rise of becoming a wholesome environment that provides recognition for upcoming performances such as poetry slams, music, different artistic visualization, events, and much more among this space. We provided this establishment to not just be seen as a community but gain the attention of those to witness a connection spiritually with a meaning that could move and influence others.

Founder, Rose Luciano of Fruition Collective was guided as a form of art on the month of March 24, 2017 which gave us an astonishing experimental guide that was rather challenging. 5 months, as we continue to grow better and strong with the amount of support and dedication, this is a vision that we'd want others to take our perspective on.

As quoted, “In 5 years, I would love to become a known entity to Lancaster. I would love for Fruition to be a staple within collaborative efforts in Lancaster. I want people to think:
‘Fruition helped build bridges and elevated others." From what we could tell, Fruition Collective has a bright future from the astonishing progression it has contained throughout those 5 months.
In honor, we'd like to give and special thanks to writer, Brianna Wiest who provided us recognition on our bridging and building on Fruition Collective. Without your help, we wouldn't be where we are today with the constructed mechanism of giving Lancaster this experience.
Remember, as a unit we will always stand together.

Hard working is efficient, but smart working is key.
- Vasthi E. Laguerre